Desert Flower

Desert Flower is an extraordinary touching movie which not only touches peoples heart but also sends shivers down their spine. The movie touches upon many important topics as immigration, cultural differences and cruel female genital mutilation. The story in the film is based on true events which happened to a Somali girl, Waris Dirie, whichFortsett å lese «Desert Flower»

Cross-cultural communication

A moment ago, I listened to Julien S. Bourelle having a TED-talk about how culture is affecting our behavior. He makes several good points addressing how cultural differences can lead to miscommunication. Bourelle says there are three ways one can relate to culture; to confront, to complain or to conform. If you confront you thinkFortsett å lese «Cross-cultural communication»

«My son the fanatic» and «Free for all»

My son the fanatic and Free for all are two short stories about cultural differences, religion and family relationships.  In My son the fanatic, we observe a desperate, confused father, named Parvez, who struggles to reach out to his son as he becomes reserved and quiet. Apparently, his son, Ali, becomes obsessed with Islamic values and way of living.Fortsett å lese ««My son the fanatic» and «Free for all»»

First impressions on «The Reluctant Fundamentalist»

«The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a novel written by Mohsin Hamid, a British Pakistani writer. Hamid drags in numerous themes in his book, as global challenges, the conflicts after the 9/11-incident, but also love, friendship and personal development. Already after the first chapter of this extraordinary book I was trapped in the magnificent story. The storyFortsett å lese «First impressions on «The Reluctant Fundamentalist»»

Operation day’s work 2020

Every year Norwegian students spread awareness and raise money for global issues and global development. This year the focus goes to refugees fleeing from the civil war in South-Sudan. It is our duty and responsibility to help out people in need. We will never understand what it is like to run from home because itFortsett å lese «Operation day’s work 2020»


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