Desert Flower

Desert Flower is an extraordinary touching movie which not only touches peoples heart but also sends shivers down their spine. The movie touches upon many important topics as immigration, cultural differences and cruel female genital mutilation. The story in the film is based on true events which happened to a Somali girl, Waris Dirie, which is the main character. We follow her journey from her childhood to adulthood as she flees from an arranged marriage. Eventually, she ends up in London, where she struggles to adjust to the modern Western lifestyle. Even though she faces hardship in the start, she develops positively as a person along her journey when she meets Marylin and becomes a world-known model.

Waris grew up in a foreign country, away from her family. As a child, she was sent away to London by her grandmother after she fleed from an arranged marriage. Thereon, she had to take care of herself for many years. Although she lived and worked in an ambassador’s house at first, she ended up on the streets of London, without a place to call home. Waris did not have the best life out in the streets, but her strong will and kind heart raised her to be an independent, strong woman. She is an inspiration and a role model for many people showing there is hope in life even though it seems like you have reached the bottom.

Waris Dirie is now an activist fighting against female genital mutilation. As a victim of female circumcision, Waris raises her voice for all the young girls who experience this horrible “operation”. She is the founder of the Desert Flower Foundation where money is collected with the aim of helping all the girls in need. This is a big issue in some parts of our world which has to be stopped and Waris is the one who fights for this to come true.

The story in the movie was touching and heartbreaking, but it is extremely important to mention that the movie is graphic and that some scenes may not be suitable for sensitive people to watch. The viewer’s discretion should be advised in this movie. I had to look away or even fast-forward while certain scenes were played. Nonetheless, the movie tells an extraordinary story and spreads an essential message.

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