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First impressions on «The Reluctant Fundamentalist»

«The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a novel written by Mohsin Hamid, a British Pakistani writer. Hamid drags in numerous themes in his book, as global challenges, the conflicts after the 9/11-incident, but also love, friendship and personal development. Already after the first chapter of this extraordinary book I was trapped in the magnificent story. The storyFortsett å lese «First impressions on «The Reluctant Fundamentalist»»

The hidden truth behind social media

The social media, once known as a concept of information-sharing, communication, and togetherness, is now the biggest threat to individual privacy. Our behavior and activity on the internet are being watched, collected and, in some cases, sold. Different agencies, as Cambridge Analytica, can predict your conduct based on, for example, posts you have liked onFortsett å lese «The hidden truth behind social media»

Operation day’s work 2020

Every year Norwegian students spread awareness and raise money for global issues and global development. This year the focus goes to refugees fleeing from the civil war in South-Sudan. It is our duty and responsibility to help out people in need. We will never understand what it is like to run from home because itFortsett å lese «Operation day’s work 2020»

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